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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


Rajat Gangwar

Software Developer Engineer - 4, Flipkart

Rajat Gangwar is a Senior Software Engineer at Flipkart. He is part of Financial Data Engineering team for 4+ years. He designed/implemented real-time data processing pipeline (with exactly-once semantics)  that can scale up to voluminous data in future via Kafka/Connect, Storm(Trident) and MongoDB. He is currently exploring various streaming platforms to build a pipeline that handles ‘out-of-order events with infinite delays’. Before Flipkart, he worked with Oracle for five years.


Kafka For Financial Data Processing – The Flipkart Way

At Flipkart, the leading e-commerce company in India, our team processes the financial data for millions of transactions every day. Financial data processing requires exactly-once semantics because of customer sensitivity and financial regulatory requirements. The financial data entities have a long lifecycle for updates and we maintain the idempotency for ... Read More

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