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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2017

Aug 28, 2017 | San Francisco

Sold Out

Pat Patterson

Community Champion, StreamSets Inc.

Pat is an outgoing personality and self-described ‘articulate techie’. He is an accomplished international public speaker, presenting at many events to nurture the Big Data community. Previous to StreamSets, he worked at Salesforce, Huawei, and Sun Microsystems.

Specialties: Identity Management, Cloud Computing, Security, Open Source, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Java, Enterprise Software


Efficient Schemas in Motion with Kafka and Schema Registry

Video & Slides

Apache Avro allows data to be self-describing, but carries an overhead when used with message queues such as Apache Kafka. Confluent’s open source Schema Registry integrates with Kafka to allow Avro schemas to be passed ‘by reference’, minimizing overhead, and can be used with any application that uses Avro. Learn ... Read More

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