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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016

April 26, 2016 | San Francisco

Nitin Kumar

Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Nitin Kumar leads the Streaming platform team in Application and Service Shared Data group. He is responsible for building Near Real time (NRT) streaming platform. He joined Microsoft in 2007 and he has spearheading the effort of building large scale distributed system for NRT data ingestion and processing leveraging Open Source technologies including Apache Kafka and Spark. Mr. Kumar obtained his Masters in Computer Science from UC Riverside, California. He is also the founder of Seattle Apache Kafka Meetup.


Siphon – Near Real Time Databus using Kafka

Video & Slides

Siphon is a highly available and reliable distributed pub/sub system built using Apache Kafka. It is used to publish, discover and subscribe to near real-time data streams for operational and product intelligence. Siphon is used as a “Databus” by a variety of producers and subscribers in Microsoft, and is compliant ... Read More

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