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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2017

Aug 28, 2017 | San Francisco

Sold Out

Michael Egorov

Co-founder and CTO, NuCypher

Before starting NuCypher, Michael worked on infrastructure tools at LinkedIn, where he faced some of the thorniest scaling challenges in the world. He has experience as a scientist and physicist, where he worked in an area closely related to quantum computing and cryptography. Michael was a bronze medalist in the 2003 International Physics Olympiad and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


Body Armor for Distributed System

Video & Slides

We show a way to make Kafka end-to-end encrypted. It means that data is ever decrypted only at the side of producers and consumers of the data. The data is never decrypted broker-side. Importantly, all Kafka clients have their own encryption keys. There is no pre-shared encryption key. Our approach ... Read More

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