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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016

April 26, 2016 | San Francisco

Mark Smith

Site Reliability Engineer, Dropbox

Mark Smith is an engineer who’s done a bit of everything. From product to infrastructure at LiveJournal/Six Apart to SRE for Google, Mozilla, and now Dropbox, he’s a true believer in learning the full stack. His recent adventures involve bringing Kafka to life at Dropbox, modernizing an archaic, trouble-prone Scribe based infrastructure. When he’s not busy with computers he can be found hanging out with his four year old son or building and flying airplanes.


Deploying Kafka at Dropbox

Video & Slides

Migrating from an old Scribe/HDFS based single-consumer log transportation system to a nearly realtime pipeline based on Kafka has not been without its problems. In this talk we will examine our current architecture, how we got here, and our future plans for Kafka. We’ll focus on the operation of the ... Read More

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