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Kafka Summit London 2018

April 23-24, 2018 | London

Sold Out

Julian Harty

Director, Commercetest Limited

Julian’s been actively involved in many aspects of testing and development of software globally, since 2006. This includes roles at Google, eBay, etc as well as contributions to opensource apps (such as Kiwix for Wikipedia) and test automation including Selenium and several test automation frameworks for mobile apps. He’s contributed to the highly successful Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy, co-authored the Mobile Analytics Playbook, and wrote perhaps the first book on test automation for mobile apps. Currently he’s studying a PhD part-time to find ways to improve the testing and development of mobile apps using mobile analytics.


Testing the Beast

Video & Slides

Testing Kafka sounds easy, especially as there are scripts and guides on how to get the software running within minutes. These make it possible to easily test and demonstrate ‘Kafka 101.’ There are some hard-core tests, for instance using Jepsen to simulate network partitions etc. However, we’ve yet to discover ... Read More

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