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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2017

Aug 28, 2017 | San Francisco

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Jeroen Soeters

Lead Developer, ThoughtWorks

Jeroen is a tech lead for ThoughtWorks NYC. He works predominantly on distributed event-driven systems or micro services architectures. Prior to joining ThoughtWorks he ran a startup for many years and had a few short-lived consulting experiments all in the Netherlands where he grew up.

Jeroen is a long-time DDD practitioner, functional programming aficionado and relentless learner. His biggest passion at the moment is neuroevolution, a branch of machine learning that uses evolutionary computation to generate artificial neural networks.

Currently he’s based out of NYC where he’s often found in bars that serve proper Belgian beer.


Fast Data in Supply Chain Planning

Video & Slides

We are migrating one of the top 3 consumer packaged goods companies from a batch-oriented systems architecture to a streaming micro services platform. In this talk I’ll explain how we leverage the Lightbend reactive stack and Kafka to achieve this and how the 4 Kafka APIs fit in our architecture. ... Read More

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