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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


Jakub Korab

Solutions Architect, Confluent

Jakub is a Solutions Architect and Professional Services Team Lead for EMEA at Confluent.  His career began in programming across a range of domains from telephone exchange simulators to trading systems in investment banking.  Over the last decade he has worked with over 150 clients as a specialist consultant in messaging and integration, through FuseSource, Red Hat and his own consultancy Ameliant.  Jakub is the author of “Understanding Message Brokers” [O’Reilly] and “Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook” [Packt].


The Foundations of Multi-DC Kafka

Kafka is notoriously tricky for multi-dc use cases. The log abstraction and client failover breaks down when you cannot at least guarantee offset consistency. In this talk, we define the current state of Kafka in terms of multi-dc usage, how different approaches provide different guarantees as well as examining the ... Read More

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