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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco

Sold Out

Hugh O’Brien

Senior Engineer, Jet.com

Hugh is an engineer at Jet.com and Walmart.com¬†increasingly specialising in data systems and performance tuning. He claims responsibility for KAFKA-6134 (a nasty one) and ZOOKEEPER-3041 (the world’s most trivial bug). When bored he abuses ZFS: https://github.com/hughobrien/zfs-remote-mirror.¬†Check out Jet’s from scratch F# Kafka client https://github.com/jet/kafunk.


Kafka on ZFS: Better Living Through Filesystems

Video & Slides

You’re doing disk IO wrong, let ZFS show you the way. ZFS on Linux is now stable. Say goodbye to JBOD, to directories in your reassignment plans, to unevenly used disks. Instead, have 8K Cloud IOPS for $25, SSD speed reads on spinning disks, in-kernel LZ4 compression and the smartest ... Read More

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