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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016

April 26, 2016 | San Francisco

Henning Spjelkavik

Architect, FINN.no

Henning Spjelkavik has been working on web-based systems since 1996. He was a partner at the leading European portal for skiers, Skiinfo.com, which was acquired by Vail Resorts in 2012. Henning has interests all over the stack, from reading hprof-files and tcpdumps, through verifying good practices in microservices, to doing a value stream analysis and running a pivot report in Excel. He is currently an architect at FINN.no.


101 Ways to Configure Kafka – Badly

Video & Slides

Kafka was introduced as part of a proof of concept for collecting 20 million click events a day at Norway’s biggest site, FINN.no. Other teams started using Kafka for different purposes, but our configuration was still as if it was a proof of concept (prototype). This lead to scaling problems, ... Read More

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