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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016

April 26, 2016 | San Francisco

Helena Edelson

VP of Product Engineering, Tuplejump

Helena has been a Software Engineer for over 15 years. After a decade in distributed messaging she moved exclusively to working with Scala, first for cloud infrastructure automation, then big data, all for large scale distributed systems. As a Senior Cloud Engineer she was on the first Scala team at VMware building multi-tenant cloud automation systems, then in big data architecting, building and deploying streaming and batch analytics pipelines for Cyber Security for real time threat analysis. She is a committer to several open source projects including the Spark Cassandra Connector, Cassandra Kafka Connector, a previous contributor to Akka (2 new features in Akka Cluster), Spring Integration and several others. She is also a speaker at international Big Data and Scala conferences such as Spark Summit (Europe and US), Strata NYC, Strata San Jose, QCon, Scala Days (Europe and US), Scala World, Data Days, and Philly Emerging Technology. She is currently VP of Product Engineering at Tuplejump.


Leveraging Kafka for Big Data in Real Time Bidding, Analytics, Machine Learning and Campaign Management for Globally Distributed Data Flows

Video & Slides

With the need to build systems handling massive loads of bursty high frequency data, streaming data ingestion, IoT, analytics and machine learning for complex use cases like real time bidding (RTB), as well as intelligence and management user applications for highly-aggregated views into global data, there is the need to ... Read More

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