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Kafka Summit NYC 2019

April 2, 2019 | New York City


Guido Schmutz

Solution Architect, Trivadis

Guido Schmutz works for the Oracle Platinum Partner Trivadis. He has more than 30 years of technology experience. At Trivadis he leads the Trivadis Architecture Board. He has long-time experience as a developer, coach, trainer and architect in the area of building IT systems. In the past four years he mostly worked in big data/fast data projects with technologies such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka as well as container technologies such as Docker and Mesos. Guido is an Oracle ACE director for Fusion Middleware and SOA, and a regular speaker at international conferences.


Kafka as an Event Store – Is It Good Enough?

Event Sourcing and CQRS are two popular patterns for implementing a Microservices architectures. With Event Sourcing we do not store the state of an object, but instead store all the events impacting its state. Then to retrieve an object state, we have to read the different events related to a ... Read More

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