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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco

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Gaurav Goyal

Principal Architect, Cisco Systems

Gaurav is a principal architect for Cisco, based out of San Jose, California. In his role, Gaurav leads the entire e-commerce ordering platform for Cisco, focusing on Java/J2EE, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kafka, chatbot, machine learning and other related technologies. His areas of expertise include enterprise data design, systems integration and migrating native applications to the cloud. Gaurav likes to take a pragmatic approach toward delivering software, with a focus on building highly scalable, fault-tolerant and highly supportable applications.


Cisco’s E-Commerce Transformation Using Kafka: Multi-Data Center, Real-Time integrations, Analytics, Machine Learning and More

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Cisco e-commerce platform is a custom-built mission-critical platform which accounts for $40+ billion of Cisco’s revenue annually. It’s a suite of 35 different applications and 300+ services that powers product configuration, pricing, quoting and order booking across all Cisco product lines including hardware, software, services and subscriptions. It’s a B2B ... Read More

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