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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

Filip Yonov

Product Owner Kafka , ING

I am an experienced Product Manager with almost 10 years of experience in consulting, IT project management and product development. Currently responsible for ING’s data streaming capabilities with Kafka and its supporting ecosystem for all 40 ING markets around the globe. Previous experience as a Senior Product Owner at REWE Digital’s fulfillment-as-a-Service and Product Owner at IBM with the software support of Docker. I had the opportunity to work with Kafka in 2016 and now I am leading two SCRUM teams developing ING’s central nervous system with Kafka and billions of events every day.


From Trickle to Flood with Kafka @ ING

Kafka at ING has a long history. It all started in 2014 when Kafka was introduced to support our use-cases for fraud detection. The following years saw Kafka growing until 2018 when it took the spotlight at ING as the #1 searched-for technology with an unprecedented adoption curve. Suddenly what ... Read More

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