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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016

April 26, 2016 | San Francisco

Eric Sammer

CTO, Rocana

Eric Sammer, Co-Founder and CTO at Rocana, is deeply entrenched in the open source community with a passion for solving difficult scaling and processing problems. Prior to Rocana, Eric most recently served as an Engineering Manager at Cloudera, responsible for developer tools and partner integrations. Eric’s team worked with hundreds of partners to develop robust solutions and integrate them tightly with Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub. He was previously a Principal Solutions Architect, working with customers and strategic partners to support and integrate Hadoop clusters and related infrastructure. While working with some of Cloudera’s largest customers, Eric developed many of the best practices for developing large, distributed, data processing infrastructure.

Eric is a committer and contributor to a number of popular open source projects. Prior to Cloudera, Eric served as a Senior Engineer and Architect at several large scale data driven organizations including Experian and Conductor. Eric is author of Hadoop Operations, published by O’Reilly. He speaks frequently on technology and techniques for large scale data processing, integration, and system management.


Building an Event-oriented Data Platform with Kafka

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While we frequently talk about how to build interesting products on top of machine and event data, the reality is that collecting, organizing, providing access to, and managing this data is where most people get stuck. Many organizations understand the use cases around their data – fraud detection, quality of ... Read More

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