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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

David Allen

Partner Solution Architect, Neo4j

M. David Allen is a technologist who loves to learn and to figure out how to do things that haven’t been done before. At Neo4j, he works with Neo4j’s technology partners. Prior to Neo4j, he held various roles in consulting and government, full stack software development, and a stint as CTO of a technology startup. Outside of work you’d usually find him playing guitar or cycling. I love meeting new people, and have a very keen interest in language and culture and love to find common ground with other people through travel and music.


Extending the Stream/Table Duality into a Trinity, with Graphs

The stream table duality in Kafka lets us look at our data in two different ways, whichever is more convenient for our use. But what about when the connections between the data points add much more value to our data? For this, we need to look at our data as ... Read More

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