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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco

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Bjørn Kvernstuen

Senior Data Engineer/Tech Lead, Norwegian Directorate for Work and Welfare

Bjørn has been developing software for various government and private institutions since the age of 14, in later years contributing to various open source projects such as Couchbase and Concrete. For the last five years, Bjørn has been working in-depth with data as an engineer at NAV IT (Norwegian Directorate for Work and Welfare) developing master data systems and distribution pipelines. Bjørn enjoys camping in lush forests and conducting bands and orchestras. Bjørn is a big fan of Spring Boot, anything Java-related and rich streams of data—preferably using Kafka. Always wearing a tin-foil hat, Bjørn is rarely to be found on social media.


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NAV (Norwegian Work and Welfare Department) currently distributes more than one third of the national budget to citizens in Norway or abroad. We’re there to assist people through all phases of life within the domains of work, family, health, retirement and social security. Events happening throughout a person’s life determines ... Read More

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