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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2017

Aug 28, 2017 | San Francisco

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Benjamin Stopford

Engineer, Confluent

Ben Stopford is a specialist in data, both from a technology and an organizational perspective, working at Confluent (provider of the first streaming platform based on Apache KafkaTM). Previously, Ben spent five years leading data integration at a large investment bank, using a central, streaming database, and in his earlier years, he worked on a variety of service-based systems at Thoughtworks and other UK-based enterprise companies.


Building Event-Driven Services with Stateful Streams

Video & Slides

Event Driven Services come in many shapes and sizes from tiny event driven functions that dip into an event stream, right through to heavy, stateful services which can facilitate request response. This practical talk makes the case for building this style of system using Stream Processing tools. We also walk ... Read More

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