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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2017

Aug 28, 2017 | San Francisco

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Andrew Schofield

Chief Architect, Hybrid Cloud Messaging, IBM

Andrew is a Chief Architect for hybrid cloud messaging for IBM Systems. He’s responsible for IBM’s messaging offerings targeted at developers building responsive web-scale and mobile applications using cloud-native techniques and runtimes, and integration using messaging in hybrid clouds. Andrew have 25 years of experience in the software industry, all of it working for IBM at the Hursley Park Laboratory. He is an expert in transaction processing and messaging middleware.

Specialities: Transaction processing, messaging, performance, X/Open XA interface, high availability, internet of things, software engineering, formal methods, computer programming.


Kafka and the Polyglot Programmer

Video & Slides

An Overview of the Kafka clients ecosystem. APIs – wire protocol clients – higher level clients (Streams) – REST Languages (with simple snippets – full examples in GitHub) – the most developed clients – Java and C/C++ – the librdkafka wrappers node-rdkafka, python, GO, C# – why use wrappers Shell ... Read More

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