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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

From Zero to Streaming Healthcare in Production

Session Level: Intermediate

Invitae is one of the fastest growing genetic information companies, whose mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people. We have recently partnered with another lab, requiring an integration layer that was developed as part of a dizzying leap from a traditional Python service architecture to Scala Streaming applications on Kafka and Kubernetes.

This presentation is our story, where we discuss challenges and solutions, error handling and resilience techniques, technology stack choices and compromises, tools and approaches we have developed, and general insights. Beyond engineering itself, our team’s goal is enabling others to join in. Building an application entirely of Streams is a significant and in many ways liberating paradigm shift. In addition to learning to architect and understand how the application will behave and evolve, success depends on great tooling.

We will show, for example, how we extended KStreams API to seamlessly include Avro Schema as part of our build and code infrastructure, completely automating SerDe derivation, introducing typed topics, and still supporting polyglot teams.

Other highlights:
– Self-healing streams with aggregation, and deciding when to crash
– Connectors vs Streams for side effects
– Scheduling with Streams
– Deriving topology diagrams
– Monitoring and metrics as Streams
– Combining Avro, Swagger and code generation, plus avro4s vs avrohugger comparison
– Typelevel Cats and its role in our success

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