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Kafka Summit NYC 2019

April 2, 2019 | New York City


How To Use Kafka and Druid to Tame Your Router Data

Session Level: Beginner

Do you know who is knocking on your network’s door? Have new regulations left you scratching your head on how to a handle what is happening in your network? Network flow data helps answer many questions across a multitude of use cases including network security, performance, capacity planning, routing, operational troubleshooting and more. Today’s modern day streaming data pipelines need to include tools that can scale to meet the demands of these service providers while continuing to provide responsive answers to difficult questions. In addition to stream processing, data needs to be stored in a redundant, operationally focused database to provide fast, reliable answers to critical questions. Together, Kafka and Druid work together to create such a pipeline.

In this talk Eric Graham and Rachel Pedreschi will discuss these pipelines and cover the following topics:

  • Network flow use cases and why this data is important.
  • Reference architectures from production systems at a major international Bank.
  • Why Kafka and Druid and other OSS tools for Network flows.
  • A demo of one such system.

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