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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

UDF/UDAF: The Extensibility Framework for KSQL

Session Level: Intermediate

KSQL is the streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka. It provides an easy and completely interactive SQL interface for stream processing on Kafka. Users can express their processing logic in SQL like statements and KSQL will compile and execute them as Kafka Streams applications. Although KSQL provides a rich set of features and built in functions, many use cases require more domain specific processing logic that cannot be expressed in pure SQL. To enable users to use KSQL in such scenarios, KSQL provides a framework to define complex processing logic as User Defined Functions (UDFs) and User Defined Aggregate Functions (UDAFs). In this talk, we provide a deep dive into the UDF/UDAF framework in KSQL. We explain how users can define their custom UDFs/UDAFs and use them in their queries. We also describe how KSQL utilizes the provided UDFs/UDAFs under the hood to process streams and tables. This deep dive will include an insight into how UDFs process data and how UDAFs keep track of their state. Armed with such knowledge, KSQL users will be able to define and utilize complex data processing logic in their KSQL queries. They will also be able to diagnose and fix issues in defining and deploying their UDFs/UDAFs more efficiently.

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