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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

Static Membership: Rebalance Strategy Designed for the Cloud

Session Level: Advanced

In this presentation, we introduce static membership (KIP-345) and share the story of adopting it at Pinterest. The static membership aims to improve the availability of stream applications, consumer groups and other applications built on top of it. The original rebalance protocol relies on the group coordinator to allocate entity ids to group members. These generated ids are ephemeral and will change when members restart and rejoin. For consumer based apps, this “dynamic membership” can cause a large percentage of tasks re-assigned to different instances during administrative operations such as code deploys, configuration updates and periodic restarts. For large state applications, shuffled tasks need a long time to recover their local states before processing and cause applications to be partially or entirely unavailable. At Pinterest, the group membership is stable between administrative operations. Motivated by this observation, we modified the Kafka’s group management protocol allowing group members to provide persistent entity ids. Group membership remains unchanged based on those ids, thus no rebalance will be triggered. We can conveniently leverage Kubernetes or other cloud management frameworks to provide entity ids. By adopting static membership to the realtime infrastructure at Pinterest, applications resume processing only a few seconds after administrative operations finish. Previously with dynamic membership, it can take more than 30 minutes before applications resume. The talk is organized as follows: we first review Kafka’s group management protocol and demonstrate high availability use cases that dynamic membership is unable to support. Then we share the design and adoption story of static membership. At the end, we do a live demo to show the impact of static membership.

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