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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


Simplifying Distributed Transactions with Sagas in Kafka

Session Level: Intermediate

Microservices are seen as the way to simplify complex systems, until you need to coordinate a transaction across services, and in that instant, the dream ends. Transactions involving multiple services can lead to a spaghetti web of interactions. Protocols such as two-phase commit come with complexity and performance bottlenecks. The Saga pattern involves a simplified transactional model. In sagas, a sequence of actions are executed, and if any action fails, a compensating action is executed for each of the actions that have already succeeded. This is particularly well suited to long-running and cross-microservice transactions. In this talk we introduce the new Simple Sagas library (https://github.com/simplesourcing/simplesagas). Built using Kafka streams, it provides a scalable fault tolerance event-based transaction processing engine. We walk through a use case of coordinating a sequence of complex financial transactions. We demonstrate the easy to use DSL, show how the system copes with failure, and discuss this overall approach to building scalable transactional systems in an event-driven streaming context.

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