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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

Secure Kafka at Scale in True Multi-Tenant Environment

Session Level: Intermediate

Application teams in JPMC have started shifting towards building event driven architectures and real time steaming pipelines and Kafka has been at core in this journey. As application teams have started adopting Kafka rapidly, need for a centrally managed Kafka as a service has emerged. We have started delivering Kafka as a service in early 2018 and running in production for more than an year now operating 80+ clusters (and growing) in all environments together. One of the key requirements is to provide truly segregated, secured multi-tenant environment with RBAC model while satisfying financial regulations and controls at the same time. Operating clusters at large scale requires scalable self-service capabilities and cluster management orchestration. In this talk we will present – Our experiences in delivering and operating secured, multi-tenant and resilient Kafka clusters at scale. – Internals of our service framework/control plane which enables self-service capabilities for application teams, cluster build/patch orchestration and capacity management capabilities for TSE/admin teams. – Our approach in enabling automated Cross Datacenter failover for application teams using service framework and confluent replicator.

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