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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


Seamless Guest Experience with Kafka Streams

Session Level: Intermediate

The cruise industry has unique set of challenges when it comes to deploying products that directly interact with guests across ships. No matter what the challenges are, Applications that run on ships, always need to provide same functionality as on shore. To name few, Each ship is almost a separate datacenter and there are tens of ships. Second, the ships compute capacity is much lower than what an AWS data center can provide and hence any thing that is deployed on ship need to be lean.Third, the bandwidth, though improving, is still a big constraint in transferring data between ship and shore. Fourth, The company’s legacy systems power the core booking functionality and that information is still vital to every feature or application that happens across enterprise including ships.

Hence traditionally cruise industry shied away from real time integration and mostly resorts to a ‘rollover’ process, where in the data gets transferred at the beginning or end of the cruise. But this can’t be the solution with digital. Mobiles need to allow stream of changes real time, as guests go from ship to shore to ship or ship to ship or shore to ship. Our customer, a leading cruise company instituted a team to solve these synchronization issues and also enable event driven architecture. This presentation will address the evolution, idea and implementation of data synchronization and enabling event driven organization using Kafka and streams technologies at its core.

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