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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco

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Real-Time Dynamic Data Export Using the Kafka Ecosystem

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If you collect billions of data points every day and create billions more sending and tracking messages, then you know you need to get your infrastructure right. Our clients use Braze to engage their users over their lifecycle via push notifications, emails, in-app messages and more. Using our Currents product, clients can enable multiple configurable integrations to export this event data in real time to a variety of third-party systems, allowing them to tightly integrate with the rest of their operations and understand the impacts of their engagement strategy.

We use Kafka and the Kafka ecosystem to power this high volume real-time export. As you’d expect in a big data environment, we take data collected from a variety of sources—our SDKs, email partner APIs, our own systems—and produce it to Kafka, with topics for each type of event (about 30 types). Kafka Streams filters and transforms this data according to the configurations set by our clients. Clients can choose which types of events should be sent to which third-party systems. Kafka Connect helps to export the data to third-party systems in real time using custom developed connectors. We run a connector instance for each integration for each customer that consumes from the integration-specific topic. On top of it all, we built a service to manage the pipeline. The service provides configurations to the Streams application and also creates topics for new integrations and uses the Connect REST API to create and manage connectors.

In this talk, I will discuss:

  • How we started our journey in designing this large-scale streaming architecture
  • Why streaming technologies were necessary to solve our technology and business issues
  • The lessons we learned along the way that can help you with your Kafka-based architecture

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