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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2017

Aug 28, 2017 | San Francisco

Providing Reliability Guarantees in Kafka at One Trillion Events Per Day

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Video & Slides

In this presentation, I will talk about my firsthand experience dealing with the unique challenges of running Kafka at a massive scale. If you ever thought that running Kafka is difficult, this talk may change your mind and provide you with valuable insights into how to configure a Kafka cluster efficiently, how to manage Kafka for enterprise customers and how to measure, monitor and maintain the Quality of Kafka Service. Our production Kafka cluster runs over 1500+ VMs, and serves over 10 GBPS data spread across hundreds of topics for multiple teams across Microsoft. We built a self-serve Kafka management service to make the process manageable and scalable across many teams. In this talk, I will also share insights about running Kafka in Private vs multi-tenant mode, supporting failover and disaster recovery requirements, and how to make Kafka Compliant with regulatory certifications such as ISO, SOC, FEDRAMP, etc.

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