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Kafka Summit NYC 2019

April 2, 2019 | New York City


The Migration to Event-Driven Microservices

Session Level: Intermediate

Flipp is an e-commerce company that promotes weekly shopping opportunities. We began our migration to event-driven microservices in November 2016, and have since moved to nearly 300 Kafka-powered microservices. In this presentation we will explore the major strategies we have used in our migration from distributed monoliths to event-driven microservices. There have been a number of painful learnings and pitfalls along the way that we will share with you. Lastly, we will provide recommendations for each step of the way on your journey from monoliths to effective event-driven microservices. The first major section of this presentation deals with the liberation of data from monolithic services. In this section we will cover: Kafka Connect vs System Production, Event Schematization, Entities and Events, The importance of the Single Source of Truth, Consumption patterns and Event update verbosity. The second major section of this presentation discusses the usage of liberated event data in conjunction with other event streams.In this section we will cover common access patterns, handling (lots) of relational data, Stateful Foreign-Key Joins in Kafka Streams (See Kafka KIP-213), High frequency updates (price, stock) vs static properties and how to handle too many data streams. The third major section details how to abstract event complexity away, leverage the single source of truth and the usage of Core Events across a company. In this section we cover abstracting data streams, Core Events as detailed by the Single Source of Truth, Core Events in relation to bounded contexts and using Core Events successfully as a business.

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