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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


A Marriage of Lambda and Kappa: Supporting Iterative Development of an Event Driven Platform

Session Level: Intermediate

With increasing data volumes typically comes a corresponding increase in (non-windowed) batch processing times, and many companies have looked to streaming as a way of delivering data processing results faster and more reliably. Event Driven Architectures further enhance these offerings by breaking centralised Data Platforms into loosely coupled and distributed solutions, supported by linearly scalable technologies such as Apache Kafka(TM) and Apache Kafka Streams(TM).

However, there remains a problem of how to handle changes to operational systems: if a record is the result of business logic, and that business logic changes, what do we do? Do we recalculate everything on the fly, adding in additional latencies for all data requests and potentially breaching non-functional requirements? Or do we run a batch job, risking that incorrect data will be served whilst the job is running?

This talk covers how 6point6 leveraged Kafka and Kafka Streams to transition a customer from a traditional business flow onto an Event Driven Architecture, with business logic triggered directly by real-time events across over 3000 loosely coupled business services, whilst ensuring that the active development of these services (and their containing logic and models) would not affect components which relied on data served by the platform.

Learn how we:

– Used versioning of topics, data and business logic to facilitate iterative development, ensuring that the reprocessing of large volumes of data would not result in incorrect or stale data being delivered.

– Handled distributed versioning of JSON event messages between separate teams/services, using discovery, automated contract negotiation and version porting.

– Developed technical patterns and libraries to allow rapid development and deployment of new event driven services using Kafka Streams.

– Developed functionality and approaches for deploying defensive services, including strategies for event retry and failure.

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