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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco

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Life is a Stream of Events

Session Level: Intermediate
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NAV (Norwegian Work and Welfare Department) currently distributes more than one third of the national budget to citizens in Norway or abroad. We’re there to assist people through all phases of life within the domains of work, family, health, retirement and social security. Events happening throughout a person’s life determines which services we provide to them, how we provide them and when we provide them.

Today, each person has to apply for these services resulting in many tasks that are largely handled manually by various case workers in the organization. Their access to insight and useful information is limited and often hard to find, causing frustration to both our case workers and our users. By streaming a person’s life events through our Kafka pipelines, we can revolutionize the way our users experience our services and the way we work.

NAV and the government as a whole have access to vast amounts of data about our citizens, reported by health institutions, employers, various government agencies or the users themselves. Some data is distributed by large batches, while others are available on-demand through APIs. We’re changing these patterns into streams using Kafka, Streams API and Java microservices. We aim to distribute and act on events about birth, death, relationships, employment, income and business processes to vastly improve the user experience, provide real-time insight and reduce the need to apply for services we already know are needed.

This talk will touch on the following topics:

  • How we move from data-on-demand to streams
  • How streams of life events will free our case workers from mundane tasks
  • How life and business events make valuable insight
  • How we protect our users and comply with GDPR
  • Why we chose Confluent Platform

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