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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


hello-streams :: Introducing the Stream First Mindset

Session Level: Intermediate

With CQRS rising and more formal event-sourcing solutions increasing in adoption, event-storming is demonstrated as a powerful technique for event-driven development of microservices in the enterprise. With such an approach, the elusive, but powerful promise of the ubiquitous language from DDD finally emerges from EDD (event driven development). In this talk, the audience will journey through a “hello-streams” github project. This journey embarks with a specific emphasis on the stream first mindset. Problems with current solutions are introduced, a high level overview of event storming is presented, then the talk transitions through an opinionated version of event storming through a classic, simple project (e.g. hello-streams). The project is a simple UI built on a stream-based coffee service. The stream first mindset entails, event sourcing, command events as first class citizens, storing those events in an event store, aggregating those command events into state called domain events, and then further enriching those domain events into business events used to report/monitor the overall health of the business — all in real time. Github Open Source project here: https://github.com/homeaway/hello-streams.

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