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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


Handling GDPR with Apache Kafka: How to Comply Without Freaking Out?

Session Level: Intermediate

Do you wonder how to cope with the right to be forgotten? Do you wonder how to only process the events of individuals who have given their consent for processing their data? Do you wonder how to protect PII data of your users? Or do you wonder how to implement these across all your heterogeneous languages, clients and processing frameworks without having to re-implement all your streaming services? This talk is for you!

In this talk, we will answer these questions and show you

1) how transparent end-to-end encryption can be implemented on top of Apache Kafka;

2) how crypto-shredding can be used to forget individuals; and

3) how record based access control can be implemented on top of Apache Kafka.

Above all, we will show how this can be done without touching any applications by using an out-of-process architecture (Ã la service-mesh).

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