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Kafka Summit SF 2019

September 30 - October 1, 2019 | San Francisco

Driving Innovation in Financial Systems using Confluent

Session Level: Beginner

Rakuten Card, being the No 1 credit card issuer in Japan issues a new card every 8 seconds. The journey of customer application data starts from the time the user applies for a card and is used across each and every component of a Credit card system and remains even after a card has expired or a user no longer has need of it. This critical application data is used by scoring systems, fraud monitors, card printing companies, logistics, debt management, credit limit management, authorization and settlement systems. To date, the only way to access this application data has been via legacy scheduled batching. This legacy methodology not only blocks innovation but also has low maintainability, high operation cost, and time-consuming recovery of missing or corrupt data. At Rakuten Card, these complexities were removed by moving to a central event hub with Apache Kafka. This allows for real-time processing (collecting / transforming / delivering / analyzing) and the sharing of this data to different systems or databases in a vastly new way that reduces complexity and speeds time from recovery of any problems. What you’ll learn at this talk: How Rakuten Card has removed blockers such as data loss and downtime How we created a fault tolerant, failure proof hub built using Apache Kafka Our strategic use of auto balanced Kubernetes cluster to manage Apache Kafka What we did to streamline the retrieval of application data How Rakuten continues to drive innovation in a traditionally conservative Japanese tech culture.

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