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Kafka Summit London 2018

April 23-24, 2018 | London

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Building Event Driven Systems with Kafka Streams

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For a long time the database has been the defacto standard for data, but as architectures grow to include many applications, services and databases, data settles into disparate islands that are increasingly hard to tie together. A problem that is accentuated as business workloads become more data intensive and development cycles shorten. A different approach to this problem is to focus on a central set of event streams. Kafka provides a unique basis for this type of system: it can retain datasets long term, move data quickly to code and provides the tooling needed-Kafka Streams and KSQL-for melding data into the business operations our applications and services perform. In this talk we will walk through how to build such systems. We start with a simple web application built entirely from Kafka Streams. From these simple beginnings we’ll scale the system out with Replicator, Schema Registry and Connect as we evolve the approach out of the micro towards larger, department and company-sized ecosystems.

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