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Kafka Summit London 2019

May 13-14, 2019 | London


Beyond the DSL-Unlocking the Power of Kafka Streams with the Processor API

Session Level: Advanced

Kafka Streams is a flexible and powerful framework. The Domain Specific Language (DSL) is an obvious place from which to start, but not all requirements fit the DSL model. Many people are unaware of the Processor API (PAPI) – or are intimidated by it because of sinks, sources, edges and stores – oh my! But most of the power of the PAPI can be leveraged, simply through the DSL ”#process” method, which lets you attach the general building block ”Processor” interface to your -easy to use- DSL topology, to combine the best of both worlds.

In this talk you’ll get a look at the flexibility of the DSL’s process method and the possibilities it opens up. We’ll use real world use-cases borne from extensive experience in the field with multiple customers to explore power of direct write access to the state stores and how to perform range sub-selects. We’ll also see the options that punctuators bring to the table, as well as opportunities for major latency optimisations.

Key takeaways:

* Understanding of how to combine DSL and Processors

* Capabilities and benefits of Processors

* Real-world uses of Processors

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