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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco

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How to Advocate Technical Decisions to Your Manager

Session Level: Beginner
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As a founder and CTO, one of the biggest surprises I encountered was how different my working relationship became with my former technical peers. A casual opinion about a technical matter, which used to be routine, became very problematic when I acquired status due to my title. And my schedule made it even harder for my team to work with me. I struggled to communicate with them, and they with me, about things that used to be fluid and easy. But in the process I also worked with some people who seemed to navigate and help ME navigate this new relationship much more easily.

In this session I’ll share my thoughts about effective ways to manage up, avoid micromanagement, advocate your expertise and ultimately grow your career while earning a place in your manager’s mind as an indispensable person who makes their job so much easier.

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