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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2018

Streaming platforms at massive scale.

October 16-17, 2018 | San Francisco


Kafka Summit is the premier technical event for developers, operators, data scientists, and executives who are building streaming platforms across their organizations and developing streaming applications.

Featuring talks from the largest brands using streaming technology to transform industries, Kafka Summit is the best forum for learning from, contributing to, and participating in the community that supports the popular Apache Kafka® streaming platform.

Kafka Summit is where innovators go to learn and collaborate on the latest architectures for streaming data and stream processing. With over 600 attendees at the inaugural event in 2016 and 1,300 attendees at the 2017 events, the visibility opportunity for sponsors within the streaming data and Kafka community is the best in the industry.



Confluent, founded by the creators of open source Apache Kafka®, provides the streaming platform that enables enterprises to maximize the value of data. Confluent Platform lets leaders in industries such as retail, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, technology and media, move data from isolated systems into a real-time data pipeline where they can act on it immediately. Backed by Benchmark, Data Collective, Index Ventures and LinkedIn, Confluent is based in Palo Alto, California. To learn more, please visit www.confluent.io. Download Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform at www.confluent.io/download.



Elastic builds software to make data usable in real time and at scale for search, logging, security and analytics use cases. Founded in 2012, the company develops the open source Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash), X-Pack (commercial features) and Elastic Cloud (a SaaS offering). To date, there have been more than 100 million cumulative downloads. Backed by Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and NEA with more than $100 million in funding, Elastic has a distributed workforce with more than 600 employees in 30 countries. Learn more at elastic.co.

Google Cloud

Companies come to Google Cloud to transform their businesses. Our comprehensive portfolio—from infrastructure to apps to devices —helps enterprises innovate faster, scale smarter, stay secure, and do more with data than ever before. Our best-in-class infrastructure is engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet allowing you flexibility to quickly scale, while still maintaining admin control. Our pioneering data and analytics and machine learning services help you solve real business problems and gain a competitive edge. And our customer-friendly pricing means you only pay for what you use with no lock-in, providing better value.



Established in 2016, Aiven is a cloud DBaaS hub that provides 6 of the leading open-source database solutions as managed and hosted services. Boasting the widest geographic coverage in the industry, Aiven manages and hosts highly-available Apache Kafka on 5 clouds in over 67 regions worldwide. Aiven Kafka is equipped with default features such as ZooKeeper, and those that enhance the capability of Apache Kafka, such as Schema Registry and Kafka Connect. As a DBaaS hub, many of Aiven’s clients use Kafka in tandem with its other database solutions to create a true one-vendor, multi-service solution.

Arcadia Data

Arcadia Data provides the first native visual analytics software that runs within modern data platforms for optimal scale, performance, and security. Its flagship product, Arcadia Enterprise, lets you analyze big data without moving it to deliver self-service BI, real-time insights, and advanced analytics for use cases like cybersecurity, connected devices, and customer intelligence at leading brands including Bank of America, Procter & Gamble, HPE, Royal Bank of Canada, Kaiser Permanente, and Neustar. Visit www.arcadiadata.com for more information.


Attunity are a pioneer in heterogeneous data availability. Our software allows you to gain agility, optimize data for analytics and reduce dependence on developers. We address modern databases, data warehouses, SAP, Hadoop and real-time messaging systems such as Kafka, on premises and in the Cloud, as well as legacy mainframe systems.


Camunda is an open source platform for workflow and decision automation that brings business users and software developers together. Typical use cases of Camunda are (micro-)service orchestration as well as human workflows and business rules. The company Camunda is based in Berlin, Germany, with offices in San Franciso and Denver. More than 180 customers automate their core business with Camunda, among them Allianz Insurances, AT&T, T-Mobile and Zalando.


Crate.io data management software helps businesses put machine data to work. CrateDB and Crate Machine Data Platform process fire hoses of machine data with real-time analytics to improve operational efficiency and profitability. Crate distributed SQL technology makes smart systems and IoT platforms simpler and less costly to build, scale and operate.


Datadog is a SaaS-based monitoring and analytics platform for large-scale applications and infrastructure. Combining real-time logs, metrics from servers, containers, databases, and applications with end-to-end tracing, Datadog delivers actionable alerts and powerful visualizations to provide full-stack observability. Datadog includes over 200 vendor-supported integrations and APM libraries for several languages.


Datawatch built Panopticon Streaming Analytics on Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams, and designed it for use by business people. They build new directed data flows with standard web browsers, start their stream processing models and begin visualizing output in minutes. With Panopticon, users don’t need to know how to write a single line of Java, Scala or even KSQL code to make full use of Kafka’s enormous range of capabilities. The Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform supports a comprehensive set of real-time and time series data visualization and data handling capabilities and works directly with Kafka—no middleware needed.



Humio is a log aggregation and analysis tool for developers and operations teams. Handling 1 TB/day of raw log ingest on a single node and without doing any indexing, real-time querying and an intuitive query language empower you to instantly explore, monitor and visualize any system’s metrics at the right time. Humio is available on premise and in the cloud.

HVR Software


Open technology and innovation is at the core of our strategy. Open by Design™ is the principle we base our approach and have delivered unparalleled integration of open technologies across our strategic cloud and cognitive solutions. Stop by our booth to see how IBM Message Hub is leveraging Kafka technology to enable the event driven enterprise in the IBM cloud. Dig deeper into these solutions by taking a developer journey with IBM Code.


MemSQL delivers the leading database platform for real-time analytics. Global enterprises use MemSQL to achieve peak performance and optimize data efficiency. With the combined power of database, data warehouse, and streaming workloads in one system, MemSQL helps companies anticipate problems before they occur, turn insights into actions, and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Visit memsql.com or follow us @memsql.

Redis Labs

Redis Labs, home of open source Redis, the world’s fastest in-memory database platform, provides Redis Enterprise (Redise), as a cloud service and as downloadable software, to over 7,000 enterprise customers. The high performance, true high availability and seamless scaling of Redise, are top-ranked by industry analysts, and power use cases such as high speed transactions, queuing, user session stores, and caching, in e-commerce, social, personalization, IoT, metering, fraud detection and other real-time applications. Redis, rated the #1 cloud database, #1 database on Docker, #1 NoSQL datastore, and fastest growing NoSQL database reduces application complexity, simplifies development, accelerates time to market and provides unprecedented flexibility to developers. www.redislabs.com


Solace is the only unified message broker that supports publish/subscribe, queueing, request/reply and streaming using open APIs and protocols across hybrid cloud and IoT environments. The company’s smart data movement technologies rapidly and reliably route information between applications, devices and people across clouds. Elite enterprises and high-growth startups around the world and in a wide range of industries—from financial services and telecommunications to gaming and transportation—use Solace to modernize legacy applications and successfully pursue analytics, hybrid cloud and Internet of Things strategies.



StreamSets transforms how enterprises flow big data from myriad sources into data centers and cloud analytics platforms. Its DataOps platform helps companies build and operate continuous dataflow topologies, combining award-winning open source data movement software with a cloud-native Ccntrol hub. Enterprises use StreamSets to enable cloud analytics, data lakes, Apache Kafka, IoT and cybersecurity. Founded by Girish Pancha, former chief product officer of Informatica, and Arvind Prabhakar, a former engineering leader at Cloudera, StreamSets is backed by top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital firms, including Battery Ventures, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Accel Partners. For more information, visit www.streamsets.com.


TIBCO fuels digital business by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions through the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. From APIs and systems to devices and people, we interconnect everything, capture data in real time wherever it is and augment the intelligence of your business through analytical insights. TIBCO offers instant access to integration and analytics solutions. http://www.tibco.com/


SL Corporation

Unravel Data

Unravel Data is a full-stack, intelligent and autonomous application performance management (APM) for big data platforms. The platform optimizes, troubleshoots and analyzes the performance of big data applications (ETL, data pipelines, analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, etc.) running on the big data stack and aims to empower big data operations and teams to deliver measurable business value.

Community Partner

Apache Software Foundation

Established in 1999, the ASF is a US 501(c)(3) charitable organization, funded by individual donations and corporate sponsors. Our all-volunteer board oversees more than 350 leading Open Source projects, including Apache HTTP Server — the world’s most popular Web server software.

The ASF provides an established framework for intellectual property and financial contributions that simultaneously limits potential legal exposure for our project committers. Through the ASF’s meritocratic process known as “The Apache Way,” more than 500 individual Members and 4,500 Committers successfully collaborate to develop freely available enterprise-grade software, benefiting millions of users worldwide: thousands of software solutions are distributed under the Apache License; and the community actively participates in ASF mailing lists, mentoring initiatives, and ApacheCon, the Foundation’s official user conference, trainings, and expo.


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