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Kafka Summit New York

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May 8, 2017 | New York


Kafka Summit Hackathon

Join the Kafka Summit Hackathon on Sunday, May 7 from 6pm – 10pm to compete against other Apache Kafka users to create stream processing apps. The free event is happening the night before Kafka Summit New York, and open to all attendees and non-attendees of the conference.

Kafka Summit Hackathon
Date: Sunday, May 7
Time: 6 pm – 10pm
Where: New York Midtown Hilton

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Last year, we hosted the Kafka Summit Hackathon with the goal of creating new connectors to release to the Kafka community. More than 100 participants joined and many stayed long after the 10 pm close.

The winners of the 2016 Kafka Summit Hackathon were:

  • First place: Aravind Yarram of Equifax, for the creation of a Jenkins connector
  • Second place (tied): Ashish Singh from Cloudera, for an end-to-end Twitter sentiment analysis application that leverages Kafka Streams API
  • Second place (tied): the Silicon Valley Data Science team, with a connector for a brain monitoring device

Kafka Summit Hackathon 2016


This year’s theme is microservices and utilizing Kafka Streams API. The goal: to combine the power of stream processing with the agility and composability of microservices.

We’ll be looking for applications that demonstrate how you can quickly build services that would be challenging to write without the Streams API. They might leverage Streams features such as session windows, streaming joins and interactive queries.

Here are some suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

  • Non-Java clients can do anything Java clients can as many implementations achieve feature parity with the clients that ship with Apache Kafka. Maybe you want to analyze tweets using Go? Or hack out a chat app using Python?
  • Perhaps you want to create a simple but generally useful microservice using Kafka Streams API for CSV-to-Avro conversion, a de-duplication or event filtering service, a service that pushes compacted to non-compacted topics, or even a multi-stage event driven architecture for your domain of choice.
  • You might bring the power of Streaming Materialized Views to your JavaScript platform of choice through Kafka’s interactive queries exposed by a REST API layer. There’s a demo application to get you started in the Confluent Examples repository.
  • Maybe you want to hack a full-fledged stream processing app:
    • Monitor network traffic for attacks
    • Monitor Kafka’s internal metrics for anomalies
    • Calculate “surge pricing” for an online shop
    • Find the landing pages in a website that lead to the longest sessions or to eventual sales using the new session-windows feature of Kafka Streams API
    • Create a real-time dashboard displaying IoT sensor data using the new Interactive Queries feature


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